Protein Bars: Best Choices For Weight Loss

Top Protein Bar Mistakes That Could be Disrupting Your Weight Loss Efforts

With their high-end attractive packaging and enhanced ingredient listing, it is easy to fall prey to the fact that almost all protein bars are good enough for your health and fitness. However, quite contrary to the fact, you must be aware that not all protein bars are created equally and might vary on various grounds including the calorie content, the presence of sugar, healthy or unhealthy fat content, and so more. Approaching towards the harsh reality, some protein bars out there might be even sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Therefore, it is all about your own part of research and choosing the best protein bar out there.

When you are out for protein bar shopping, it is important to keep note of some important factors. As per the nutrition experts, here are some of the common protein bars mistakes that you should stay away from:

  • Ignoring the Calorie Counts: Protein bars can turn out to be utterly delicious at times. Moreover, these are immensely convenient to carry along and easy to eat – you just need to unwrap it and gobble down. As easy as it might sound drooling over the delicious protein bars out there, it is equally important to take care of a few pointers when you are in for some health-related benefits. If you are looking for effective weight loss, then it is important for you to check the calorie content in your protein bar. If you tend to consume about 2000 calorie on a daily basis, you should consider around 300-calorie mark as the limit for your intake of the protein bar.


  • Not Double-Checking the Protein Bar: Though your package might appear all flashy claiming that it is a high-quality protein bar, you must still check into every detail of the protein bar that you will be purchasing. Most of the times, the given protein bar might not have enough “high-quality protein” in it as per the claims of the brand. Without the presence of sufficient proteins in the given bar, you will not be able to control your hunger for long.


You should try hunting down for the protein bar containing at least 15 grams of protein. In addition to the overall amount of protein, you should also check into the other ingredients of the bar including carbohydrate content, amount of healthy fats, and so more.


  • Not Listening to Your Personal Diet: Keep an eye for the content of oligosaccharides and insulin in the given bar. Though these ingredients in the bar might improve the overall taste of the bar and include a lot of fiber, still it could lead to bloating, cramps, bad gas, and other sorts of discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended that you should keep a record of your personal health and look out for the best options of the protein bars like Quest Nutrition Protein Bars and others.

Ignore these common mistakes and search for the best protein bar out there!

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