Carl Shamn Racing Club first started off primarily as a race club and has now evolved into providing health, fitness and wellbeing information and plans. More and more people were coming to us for our nutrition and training advice than racing specifically. Therefore we took the decision to move our focus from a racing club and focus more towards what our potential customers were actually wanting. Yes, racing is still what we do and we encourage our clients to join us in our racing as it gives a focus and a goal towards training and a gives a reason to do what we do.

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We are currently offering our nutrition meal plans at 50% discount! Talk to us about what you want to achieve and we work as a team to discuss all the factors surrounding your lifestyle and work with you to produce an achievable plan. We are focused on results and coaching you to achieve what you want to. Within our nutrition plans we don’t give a list of supplements to start taking as you can get it all from food sources, however, it is always handy to have a protein supplement for those times that you haven’t been all the good with your diet and typically we see clients falling short on protein towards the end of the day. Therefore a high quality protein powder has its place. One we often suggest is PhD’s Pharma Whey which is widely available in the UK and Europe. A pre-workout we suggest is Myoblox Loco.


One of our biggest sponsors who have helped us launch and continue to support us year on year are Purple Prizes! They give the normal average person the chance of winning their dream car through the dream car giveaways that they run. They’ve featured some serious prizes that most of us could only dream of owning. You enter into a ticket draw where the odds are actually amazingly good with many people having won several times.

Another sponsor of ours is Supplements2u and their product of the month is currently Biotech USA’s Energy Gel Pro. You can pick up one of these at a bargain price whilst stocks last.